Noble’s Testimonial

Initially, I was very skeptical of trying CBD. But to my surprise, CBD has helped my family tremendously! I was unfamiliar with what it exactly was, it’s affects, and what it would do to me. When I was informed about the potential benefits I began researching for myself. I was thoroughly surprised with what I encountered while grasping an understanding of CBD. I then decided to give it a try and allow my father to use it. He has has constant pain in his back and knees and has gotten worse over the years. As his pain progressed, and in addition to him not taking his pain medication anymore because he did not like how it made him feel, his quality of life became a concern for me. I was desperate and decided to purchase the Sports Cream and Soft Gels for my father.

At first it was a fight to get him to try it, but after a few forced situations, I noticed he began taking the products himself. He began staying up later (as he use to go to bed early most days because of the chronic pain he endured). As he began to use the products more and more I noticed a change in him. He became more active, complained less of aches and pains, and seemed more comfortable than before. Since then, my husband, myself, and about five other family members have become believers in this amazing products. It seems as if everyone in my family are habitual users of the Sports Cream, and my father continues to use the Soft Gels for daily use. Now, my family of seven regularly use CBD products from FeelGood Organics.

All I can say is we’re no longer judgmental CBD, and happy with the results. We owe FeelGood Organics a huge thanks for how their CBD helped my family with relief from terrible pain and rejuvenating my father.
Thank you FeelGood Organics!!!


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