Our Story

Our journey began in 2020 to promote wellness using CBD to relieve pain, ease stress, and help with relaxation. We experienced the amazing effects of CBD through personal use, and we decided to start our own company called FeelGood Organics.

Being that the three of us are all former college football players, we were no strangers to physical pain, sleep deprivation, and stress. Through our shared experiences, in early 2019 we decided to try this new natural product called CBD in search for relief.

Once the 2018 farm bill passed, we noticed CBD was popping up in different places. We started doing our research and heard amazing stories and testimonials about people finding relief for the same issues that we were dealing with as well. What we found in this natural product was nothing short of a miracle, as we experienced a significant reduction in our pain and stress levels, as well as getting a full night’s rest.

We were determined at this point to introduce this hidden gem to as many people as possible. Our research started and we then partnered with the best in the business to produce the highest quality premium grade CBD and start our own brand. We made sure that each batch of our products were third party lab-tested, vegan, broad spectrum, THC-Free, non-GMO, and certified by the USA HEMP ROUNDTABLE. With this partnership and confidence in our products, FeelGood Organics was created to bring you the absolute best!